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Welcome To The Everything Is Right About You Movementđź‘‹

The truth is we all wish we had the “Everything Is Right About You” mindset from the start. Here’s the thing…It’s always the right time to begin exercising and sharing this authentic truth to build self-love and self-acceptance for ALL.

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This message of self acceptance and universal love started on Clubhouse and went viral! Now it’s being brought into homes, schools and hearts throughout the world!


To empower the world one heart at a time to spread this powerful and authentic truth...Everything Is Right About You and each and every one of us.


Everything is right about you mindset for children is everything. Kids believing in themselves is crucial to thrive. Contact us to bring this critical movement to your kids school.

Hear from our community members

Veronica Vielma

When you understand that Everything is right about you, you will be able to approach life with the confidence that you are the exact right person for the exact right moment to take the steps to move your life forward!

Michael O'Brien

I love how the 'Everything is Right About You' is both a reminder to ourselves and an affirmation to others. Life happens through conversation and the most important one we have is the one we have with ourselves, and this movement helps us to shift our conversation so we can see what is possible within all of us.

Brianna Greenspan

I absolutely love the Everything is right about you movement. It inspires courage, confidence and breeds clarity on what our strengths and superpowers are... and why we are uniquely us. When we think about what is right about us versus what is wrong about us, everything changes.