About Us

Our mission is to empower the world, one person at a time, with this very simple, yet impactful truth- Everything is right about you! This affirmation of self-acceptance and universal kindness declares that you are the right person for the right challenges, at the right time to take it on. 

Leading life anchored with this belief will inspire and motivate you to approach whatever life brings your way... with confidence, clarity and stability, knowing that "you've got this " because every single thing is right about you and each and every one of us!

Everything Is Right About You movement started on Clubhouse and went viral. This message of self-acceptance and universal kindness is now being brought into schools in underserved communities, homes, hearts and beyond throughout the world.  

Everything Is Right About You helps individuals train and rewire their mindset to become more confident, resilient, kind, mindful to themselves and those around them. 

Everything Is Right About You products, app, books, posters and activities inspire courage and breeds clarity on what your strengths and superpowers are and why you are uniquely you. When you think about what is right about you versus what is wrong with you, everything changes.

Kids inner-belief is crucial to thrive. Now is the right time for all kids, families and schools to begin exercising a positive self-concept, the single most important quality that informs all decision making. People with high levels of self-worth, self-acceptance and compassion approach challenges with inner strength and optimism.


“You can do hard things and these hard things are here to make you stronger.”


Everything Is Right About You mindset will empower you to approach life knowing you are the right person, in this right moment, to do the right thing and take the necessary steps to move your life forward!

The truth is… we all wish we had the Everything Is Right About You mindset from the start.